Backpack Buddies

Please join the Inside-Out team in providing weekend food items for needy students at Creek View Elementary School. The Back Pack Buddies program is peanut free and peanut traces free to protect against allergies. Some generic foods contain traces of peanuts, so please donate the specific brand, if listed below.

  • Pop-top Campbell’s Chicken Soups (10.75 oz)
  • Carnation Breakfast Essentials Drinks
  • Fruit Gummy Snacks
  • GoGo Organic Applesauce Pouches
  • Mac N Cheese Cups
  • Rolling Waters Juice Pouches
  • Nutra-Grain Bars
  • Cereal Packets/Bowls/Boxes
  • Pudding Cups
  • Please avoid products with ‘film’ covers, which tend to leak.

A display table in the lobby has examples of the food selections.

Thank you for showing the love of Jesus!