Jesus Is Our Firm Foundation: Acts 1:1-3
February 9, 2020

Jesus Is Our Firm Foundation: Acts 1:1-3

Passage: Acts 1:1-3

-Why study Acts?

The book of Acts:

  • Tells us where we came from.
  • Shows the power of God in the spread of the gospel.
  • Shows the reality of spiritual opposition.
  • Shows the inability of spiritual opposition to stop the gospel.

What is the book Acts?

  • The sequel to the gospel of Luke
  • Historical Account 
  • Theological Account 

What are the major themes of Acts?

  •          The continued work of God, specifically through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  •          The work of the Apostles (God working through them).
  •          The joining of Jews and Gentiles into the covenant community of God, that is, the church. 
  •          The spread of the gospel in the midst of great opposition.

Jesus is the foundation of the church. 

  • He is alive 
  • He has all authority
  • He has ascended
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