Jesus Is Our Firm Foundation: Acts 1:1-3
February 9, 2020

Jesus Is Our Firm Foundation: Acts 1:1-3

Passage: Acts 1:1-3

Bible Text: Acts 1:1-3 | Preacher: Adam Mitchell | Series: Acts | -Why study Acts?

The book of Acts:

Tells us where we came from.
Shows the power of God in the spread of the gospel.
Shows the reality of spiritual opposition.
Shows the inability of spiritual opposition to stop the gospel.

What is the book Acts?

The sequel to the gospel of Luke. 
Historical Account 
Theological Account 

What are the major themes of Acts?

         The continued work of God, specifically through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
         The work of the Apostles (God working through them).
         The joining of Jews and Gentiles into the covenant community of God, that is, the church. 
         The spread of the gospel in the midst of great opposition.

Jesus is the foundation of the church. 

He is alive 
He has all authority
He has ascended

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