Music Ministry

As a church we believe all believers are called to worship God in a corporate manner. My personal mission statement for our ministry is that we “lead with passion and preparation as one in the presence of The Almighty.” From this our ministry carries out its mission. Our theological and philosophical standards are set by the Word of God and by answering two simple questions: Who is God? How does He want to be worshiped?  

We desire to lead people to understand and encounter God based on who He is and His Holy Word.  We desire to provide an environment for authentic worship, allowing those outside the faith to see, hear, and have opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Christ as we worship Him.  

We are a dynamic, growing and engaged congregation of believers who recognize their own desperate need for the Gospel on a daily basis.  We desire to see families across the entire reach of our church to develop their hunger for Scripture, engage in praise and worship and remain true to the Gospel.  

Our areas of service and education include:  Youth Choir, Youth Band, Worship Choir & Band, Ensembles, Media Team, and School of Fine Arts. 

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Jan Freeman

Meet our Worship Leader

Jan Freeman
Worship Leader

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